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Introducing how to cut rubber mats and recommended tools


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Rubber mats are useful for protecting gym floors, but recently thick tile-type rubber mats have been increasingly being used.

You can easily install it by just laying it under the power rack as shown in this article , but if you want to spread the rubber mat over the entire room, you will need to modify the mat to match the shape of the room.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain how to cut and process rubber mats by DIY using commercially available tools. Anyone can get a clean cut if they keep these points in mind, so please use this as a reference.

Things to prepare for cutting rubber mats

Rubber mat cutting tool list

If you're simply cutting, you can do it with a ruler and a cutter, but this time we'll also introduce the extra tools you need to cut more easily, more reliably, and more beautifully. Masu.

1. Cutter

We recommend using a large cutter available at home centers or Amazon .
It is easier to use the type that locks the blade with a screw, so if you are unsure, you can always prepare one of the cutters below.

Olfa large size cutter product page

2. Ruler

It is preferable to use something that can be used as a guide for the cutter when measuring and cutting the mat.

Of course, you can use a regular ruler, but considering workability, it is easier to use a ruler that is longer than the mat . The gym mat is 50cm square, so a ruler over 50cm is ideal. There are two types I would like to recommend: ``Sashigane'' and ``Ruler with handle.''

There are various names for sashigane, but it is often called `` sashigane ' ' or ``kanejaku , ' ' and it is an L-shaped ruler.

Shinwa measuring curve product page

As the name suggests, a ruler with a handle is very convenient because it has a handle and allows you to apply pressure evenly when cutting. However, when measuring dimensions, it is a little difficult to use because it does not have a small turning radius.

Shinwa measurement aluminum cutter ruler product page

3. Red pen

A pen for measuring and checking cut dimensions. The gym mat is black so I use a red pen. The finer or extra-fine the lead, the better the accuracy.

4. Work gloves

Because you will be using a knife, please wear work gloves or gloves for safety.

5. Square timber

When cutting the mat, use it to get underneath and open the cut.

Anything about 3 to 5 cm wide and a little taller will do, such as wood, aluminum squares, scraps of rubber mats, etc. It is easier to use if the length is longer than the mat you are cutting.

Cutting procedure

Once you have your tools ready, let's start cutting. Please see the video below for the steps.

What did you think? The difficulty level varies depending on the thickness, but it is not complicated.

I have easily exported the content of the video, so please follow the steps below.

① Cut dimension measurement

First, measure the cut size with a ruler. Measure the distance from the edge to the mat in two places and mark them with a red pen .

② Bottom cut

Place the ruler on the mark you made in step ① and run the cutter twice. There is no need to apply excessive force at this time. It is a success if the cut is about 1mm deep in one pass. Work slowly and concentrate on keeping the ruler in place.

③Insert the square timbers

Place the square timbers prepared here below. This allows the weight of the mat to open the bottom cut slightly to the left and right, which puts less stress on the cutter and reduces friction, making it much easier to cut.

④Final cut

All you have to do is run the cutter until you can cut it out. You don't need a ruler because the cut is made in ①.

This concludes the explanation of the steps to cut the rubber mat. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via chat or contact form.

Please refer to this article and try your hand at laying and cutting flooring materials yourself. By doing the work yourself, you'll probably grow even more attached to it.